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Hull Cheap Eats: 5 great value places to eat this Winter



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Though Christmas is just around the corner there’s still plenty of time for you to get out this Winter and indulge in some of the delicious food and drink on offer in the local area! Whether you’re in need of a sweet treat, a wrap, or maybe something bigger, the eateries of Hull and East Yorkshire are more than equipped to accommodate any eager customer! Those that enjoy a good bargain will be pleased to know that this article will outline five places to get a great, value for money meal this winter, with each of the list’s establishments being well worth a visit.

Five Bites Hull

Unit 2, Roebank Arcade, Bodmin Rd, Hull HU7 4HE

One of Hull’s most popular takeaway restaurants, Five Bites is renowned for it’s mouth-watering burgers, crispy fried chicken, and generous portions. The establishment serves everything from spicy wings and chicken burgers to nachos and popcorn, allowing them to accommodate virtually everyone! With a half pounder chicken fillet burger being available from just £4, and 3 pieces of chicken and chips being just £4.90, Five Bites is the perfect place to grab yourself a delicious, indulgent meal for a generous price.


Mr Hugo

54-60 Paragon St, Hull HU1 3PE

Mr Hugo has introduced the city of Hull to German street-food with incredible success, despite being open for just shy of two months. Situated on Paragon Street, in the very heart of Hull’s centre, Mr Hugo’s is the perfect place to try something delicious and new at an affordable price- the perfect winter treat! The establishment serves everything a hungry customer could possibly desire: Bratwursts, schnitzels, burgers, and kebabs, allowing the eatery to appeal to customers of different culinary inclinations. With their bratwurst meal being available from just £7.95 (includes house fries, tobacco onions, potato salad & pretzel!), a sizeable bargain, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t give Mr Hugo’s a visit and indulge in some delicious German cuisine!

Pitta & Shake

1st Floor, St Stephen’s Centre, Hull HU2 8LN

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Sun 6 Feb @ 4:00pm – 11:00pm

St Stephen’s Pitta & Shake has developed something of a cult following over the past few months, with regular customers praising it’s generous portions, variety of cuisine, and friendly staff. Functioning as both a takeaway and an eat-in restaurant, Pitta & Shake serve everything from flame grilled chicken pitta and fried chicken to nachos and muffins, making them one of the local area’s most diverse eateries! With delicious flame grilled pittas being available from £6.95, I recommend you to visit Pitta & Shake next time you happen to be in town and fancy some delicious food for a generous price.

Zoo Cafe

80 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AB

Situated down Newland Avenue, one of Hull’s most popular areas to eat, drink, and socialise, Zoo is a charming and hospitable eatery whose generously priced food, friendly staff, and atmosphere of welcome has garnered them a fiercely loyal cult of customers. A vegetarian and vegan eatery, Zoo café specialises in a whole host of delicious dishes, including sandwiches, pizza, salad bowls, and sweet treats- all of which are generously priced! For delicious, homemade food in rustic surroundings, Zoo is perfect.


The Artisan Coffee & Art

81 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2AL

The Artisan is undoubtedly one of Hull’s most charming coffeeshops- and the perfect place to come this festive season for delicious food and drink. Also situated on Newland Avenue, The Artisan overlooks the bustle of the street, allowing customers to contently watch the world go by with their cup of coffee and cake. In addition to serving sweet treats and hot drinks of every thinkable variety, The Artisan also offer breakfast and lunch, serving everything from doorstep toast and sandwiches to delicious platters, all of which are available at a generous price. For tasty food in cosy surroundings, The Artisan is your only choice.

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Hull's FREE weekly newsletter

A weekly round-up of Hull news, great events and things to do.