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The ultimate food & drink guide to Hull Marina

Besides being an important cultural site for our city, Hull Marina is full of alluring and interesting maritime history, and also full of brilliant places to eat and drink.

The small yet notable area possesses a rich culinary diversity, ranging from comfortable pubs perfect for a pint to artisan bakeries full of rustic charm. Hull Marina is capable of offering something to everyone. With its quaint cobbled streets and impressive views, the Marina is amongst Hull’s finest places to eat, drink, or simply explore.

Having spent some time at the Marina indirectly surveying all it has to offer, here is a guide of the places I recommend you visit on your next trip to Hull Marina…

Cuban Pete’s

18 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TH

A recent addition to Humber Street serving up a selection of Mexican and Cuban street food-inspired dishes, Cuban Pete’s is a colourful culinary hotspot that also specialises in classic and bespoke cocktails, along with an extensive selection of rum, Tequila, beers and wine.

With a massive amount of seating along with comfy booths and a unique interior, it’s a great place to stop for anything from a hearty meal to an evening drink.

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Number Sixty Humber Street

60 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TU

Occupying the space once housing Tribal, Number Sixty Humber Street is a breakfast and brunch restaurant serving sandwiches, pastries, and sweets alongside coffee and cocktails.

A brightly lit and spacious interior along with a verdant plant wall make for a comfy and cheerful atmosphere, which is exactly what you want in a place like this.

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Next Door @ The Dock by Nibble

 Queen St, Hull, HU1 1UU

Next Door by Nibble opened in late 2021 on the ground floor of the C4DI building, with the aim of providing takeaway breakfast, lunch and beverage options for workers who have limited time to spare.

They’re focused on breakfast, brunch, lunch and different homemade specials every day. Last we checked, there’s no seating inside, but occasionally tables are in place outside if the weather permits – but at the end of the day the idea is to pop in and out between work, appointments, or meetings. There’s no more ideal place to visit if you’re in a rush and need a bite to get you through the day.

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Flour and Feast

10 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TG

Nestled comfortably down the Marina’s ever-bustling Humber Street, Flour and Feast is a charming rustic bakery that offers everything from tasty sandwiches and sausage rolls to doughnuts and cakes, all of which are made in-store using local ingredients. In addition to producing tasty food (of which I highly recommend the Broccoli Banh Mi), the bakery also offers a variety of coffees and other hot drinks, a perfect accompaniment to any choice of snack. Limited indoor seating is now readily available, although takeaway orders also prove equally popular.

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The Minerva

10 Nelson St, Hull, HU1 1XE

Overlooking the river Humber, The Minerva is one of Hull’s most revered pubs, and certainly a cultural cornerstone for the Marina. First established in 1829, this family-run pub is an ideal location for a Sunday outing, or for a pint on a sunny summer’s day. The Minerva offers an extensive and affordable menu, specialising in pub classics such as Fish and Chips and Steak and Ale Pie. In addition to providing good-quality food, the establishment has recently acquired a gin caravan situated in the outside seating area, perfect for small and large parties that intend to make the most of long summer evenings. The Minerva is complemented by a traditional and cosy interior, full of warmth and atmosphere.

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Thieving Harry’s

73 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1UD

Situated on the corner of Humber Street, Thieving Harry’s popularity and acclaim is seemingly without limit. In addition to boasting an impressively designed exterior and interior, the self-titled “community café” has a diverse and alluring menu, providing; breakfasts, sandwiches, tasty burgers and a variety of vegan options. Thanks to its extensive and varied drinks list, Thieving Harry’s is also the perfect place to relax, have a pint, and watch the bustling Marina on a hot summer’s day. Furthermore, Thieving Harry’s also regularly accommodates local bands, contributing to its unique and lively atmosphere.

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The Dock, Queen St, Hull, HU1 1UU

A personal favourite of mine and wildly popular, Nibble is situated down Queen Street, in close proximity to The Deep, a mere stone’s throw from Flour and Feast. Providing comfortable seating both inside and outside, Nibble is the perfect place to go with friends or family for brunch and a hot drink. As Well as providing a host of tasty homemade treats and snacks, Nibble’s huge menu is capable of accommodating customers of all moods and dietary requirements, with its nutritious Buddha Bowl and customisable sandwiches being standout choices from this affordable and diverse eatery.

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Humber Fish CO.

Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TU

It would be shameful to discuss the Marina and its varied cuisine without mentioning seafood, in particular Humber Fish CO. In addition to its stunning, nautically inspired interior, Humber Fish boasts an impressive and rewarding menu that readily justifies its expense. Using locally caught produce, Humber Fish serves everything from fish stew and hot fruit de mer to beautifully made fish and chips. With many of its main dishes being northward of twenty pounds, Humber Fish is the ideal spot for lovers of expertly sourced seafood and for fans of beautifully crafted dishes that are well worth their cost. Situated just next to Thieving Harry’s, Humber Fish is also well suited for those that simply want to have a drink and watch the exciting stir of the Marina, a location that demands return from all who visit.

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Humber Dock Bar and Grill

9 Humber Dock St, Hull, HU1 1TB

Colloquially known as ‘Green bricks’, Humber Dock Bar and Grill combines sublime maritime views with delicious pub classics, all at an affordable price. As Well as being the perfect place to have an evening meal, Humber Dock’s enviable location, overlooking Hull’s atmospheric docks, makes it ideal for a late afternoon drink. Due to its abundance of outdoor and indoor seating, Humber Dock Bar and Grill is also well suited to larger parties seeking to dine with an impressive view.

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Ambiente Hull

5 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TG

Dealing in authentic and delicious tapas, Ambiente is the perfect place to come and try something new. Established in 2016, Ambiente has rapidly become one of the marina’s salient attractions, becoming synonymous with diverse and exciting food. The restaurant’s extensive menu and wealth of vegan options make it ideal for large parties that intend on indulging and sharing their food to the maximum. Ambiente’s beautiful interior and vast array of wines also renders it perfect for romantic occasions.

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Butler Whites

2-3 Humber St, Hull, HU1 T1U

Offering everything from eccentric pizzas to innovative Asian cuisine, Butler Whites is a restaurant whose culinary diversity is second to none. With extensive sharing options and a spacious interior, Butler Whites is also well suited to larger parties seeking luxurious food at an affordable price. Dealing in hot drinks and refreshing cocktails in equal measure, Butler Whites is capable of accommodating eager guests no matter the occasion.

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2-3 Humber Dock St, Hull, HU1 1TB

For fans of authentic and delicious Indian food, Tapasya is the perfect eatery. With its three extensive and varied menus, Tapasya is capable of gratifying all customers, including those that are new to Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s contemporary design and sheen of sophistication also makes it ideal for those acclimated to fine dining.

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5 Humber Place, Hull, HU1 1UD

This quaint and homely café excels in providing its customers with delicious, homemade food. Serving everything from wraps and sandwiches to irresistible ice cream, Tasty is the perfect place to relax and indulge in satisfying comfort food.

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Restaurant at the Marina Holiday Inn Hull

Castle St, Hull, HU1 2BX

Combining pub classics like ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheeze’ with exciting vegan options such as the ‘Asian BBQ tempeh rib burger’, the restaurant at the Marina Holiday Inn succeeds in catering for everyone. The restaurant’s impressive wine and spirits menu also renders it the perfect place to relax and have some drinks.

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The Brazilian Churrascaria & Bar

4-5 Humber Dock St, Hull, HU1 1TB

Brazilian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular nationwide, and Hull’s answer to this culinary phenomenon is The Brazilian Churrascaria & Bar, situated metres away from Tapasya. Although the restaurant does offer customers a number of vegetarian options, The Brazilian is perhaps best suited to those that appreciate expertly cooked meat and seafood. The restaurant’s grill-to-plate policy and extensive drinks menu (of which ‘The Atomics’ are standouts) also make it suitable for those that simply want to have a drink and bask in the eatery’s exciting atmosphere.

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Al Porto

13 Hull Marina Warehouse, Hull, HU1 2DQ

Combining instantly recognisable classics with innovative and exciting dishes, Al Porto provides its customers with good quality and sophisticated food. The restaurant balances delicious pasta dishes with seafood and steak so as to accommodate all inclinations. Al Porto’s wealth of Italian wines are brilliant accompaniments to the dishes, whilst the restaurant’s choice of atmospheric and romantic décor further enhances the customers eating and drinking experience. Al Porto is the perfect place to take a loved one for a romantic and delicious meal.

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70 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TU

Providing good quality beer made on-site and irresistible street, Taphouse is one of the Marina’s most exciting places to eat and drink. Taphouse provides skewers, fries, and a variety of delicious wraps to complement its extensive and expertly brewed beers. The brewery is made all the more appealing by its slick, diner-influenced décor and relaxed atmosphere. For high-quality beer and fulfilling comfort food, there is no better choice than Taphouse.

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Bert’s Pizza and Gelato

1 @ The Dock, Queen St, Hull, HU1 1UU

With its stylish, modern décor and intimately crafted pizza, Bert’s Pizzeria is quickly becoming one of the Marina’s most in-demand restaurants. Despite its name, Bert’s also offers a number of other authentic Italian dishes including rustic antipasti boards, burgers, and seafood. For those that don’t fancy something savoury, Bert’s specialises in delicately made gelato, perfect for anyone seeking something sweet and delicious. If you can’t get enough of Bert’s pizzas, the restaurant also provides home kits, allowing you to replicate their speciality dishes at home.

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J.Johnsons Wine Bar & Bistro

59 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TH

In amongst the bustle of Humber Street is J. Johnsons Wine Bar & Bistro, a quaint and stylish establishment comprised of three separate spaces. Downstairs is a self-described ‘New York Style Deli serving up fresh baked focaccia (subject to your own creation) ‘salads and small plates’. The first floor’s ‘Italian & French inspired Bistro’ serves a combination of seafood, steak, pasta, and meatballs, all at a reasonable price. To complement its aura of ease and sophistication, Johnsons also makes use of a beautiful sun terrace, well suited to warm summer evenings and a drink with friends.

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63 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TU

What used to house the old fruit market is now a buzzing and promising venue for music and drink in equal measure. Social provides lager, wine, spirits, and a variety of hot drinks. With national lockdown restrictions being lifted and live music commencing once again, Social is set to become one of Hull’s most desired places to socialise and have a drink. It is also worth mentioning that Social, in conjunction with the up-and-coming Costanza’s Pizza, is due to start offering food in the not-too-distant future.

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64 Humber St, Hull, HU1 1TU

Humber Street Gallery is capable of offering more than just thought-provoking art. The establishments in house cafe and rooftop bar offer everything a visitor might want, including pizza, craft beer, coffees and cocktails, all of which act as a great accompaniment to fantastic local art.

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6 Humber Street, Hull, HU1 1TG

With stylish, minimalist interiors, Hygge represents the height of the Marina’s urban trendiness. Whether you want to sip on cocktails, coffee, or even a cold glass of prosecco, Hygge is ideal for meeting with friends and loved ones in a quirky, relaxing setting.

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