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Hull has undergone huge changes in recent years that have fundamentally changed the fabric of the city. Whether that is the overhaul of Humber Street, the Murdoch Connection or the new Arco headquarters in the Fruit Market, the skyline of Hull has changed dramatically over recent years. 

The recent opening of the Murdoch’s Connection Footbridge is the first big development that we’ve all been excited about. The crossing that it replaced had been a huge obstacle in crossing over to the marina and back, and it brings the traffic to a standstill during busy times. The new bridge takes all that away.

A little further up the river Hull on the west bank, is the North End Shipyard which will soon become a visitor attraction as part of the Yorkshire’s Maritime City project. This hidden gem, will have its rich story told for the first time when the area is transformed and a new visitor centre is built.

Moving into the centre of ‘town’, Albion Square is an exciting new retail, leisure and housing development announced by Hull city council a few years back. where there’s currently an abandoned BHS building and the three ships mural which many people love.

The marina area is definitely one of the city’s jewels in the crown. It’s just beautiful down there in the spring and summer seasons and the council are planning to keep it that way. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the area transform with new pathways and roads, buildings and grants for businesses to start along there. We’ve seen restaurants and galleries open up and office blocks on Humber Quays. Now we’re seeing the completion of Beal Homes Fruit Market housing development alongside Wykeland Group’s office developments and the new Arco Headquarters.

I love that there are plans to create a better Queens Gardens. I love city centres that have great outdoor spaces and Queens Gardens right now is looking a bit ‘worse for wear’. Hull city council have announced plans to update this amazing space to give new water and art features, poetry and restoration of the rose bowl fountain.

Over the next few years, we’ll start to see better leisure facilities around the city too. Recently, the council announced plans to restore the old lido at Albert Avenue baths which look fantastic! They’ve recently invested £250,000 in restoring the old East Park splash boat too and with Beverley Road Baths refurbishment completed in August 2021, the options for swimming and water fun around Hull look pretty decent indeed.

Finally, Hull City Council still have ambitious plans to create a cruise terminal in the city centre, down by The Deep. If it comes off, it would mean a huge boost to the local economy with over 100 jobs expected to be created, and plenty of tourists coming in and out of the city, stopping in our hotels and spending in our restaurants.

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