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Hull residents urged to travel cautiously this winter



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People in Hull are being urged to take caution when travelling around Hull this winter.

The reminder comes as the colder weather and darker nights can reduce visibility.

Pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to wear bright and reflecting clothing and motorists are urged to take caution and ensure their vehicles are winter ready.


Hull City Council’s gritters also regularly treat the main roads if ice or snow is forecast.

Councillor Dean Kirk, portfolio holder for transportation, roads and highways said: “We’re encouraging everyone to take action and increase their personal safety when moving around Hull this winter.

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“Winter brings many different road conditions, from high winds and fog to snow and ice, which affect visibility, stability and braking times.

“That’s why we’re reminding motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to bear in mind the weather conditions while travelling.

“Be safe and be seen.”

Safer Roads Humber are also encouraging people to wear bright and reflective clothing.


Drivers should check their vehicle is in good working order and that the tyres have adequate depth of tread because worn tyres increase the risk of skidding. Worn windscreen wipers should be replaced and windscreen wash should be topped up and directed onto the screen.

Cyclists should also be winter weather aware and are encouraged to wear bright or fluorescent clothing. Bikes must be well-lit too, with a white front light, red back light and red reflector at the back.


Think.gov.uk have also developed a useful guide for motorists and cyclists which can be accessed here.

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