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Hull’s Youngest Humanitarians Spearheading a Christmas Charity Drive

In a heart-warming display of altruism and community spirit, a group of youthful philanthropists from Hull have embarked on a mission to ensure that no child in their city wakes up to nothing this Christmas. Aptly named the Santa Squad, Laurie (9), Thea (9), Ava (10) and Phoebe (10) are the epitome of the holiday spirit that defines this season of giving.

The Santa Squad was conceived earlier this year following a successful Christmas Collection initiative last year by Ava and Thea, spurred by a television feature on families facing hardships during the festive season. The initiative, which blossomed out of a living room conversation led by the younger sister, Thea, proclaiming that “no one should go without at Christmas”, has now evolved into a community-wide campaign, with two more friends, Phoebe and Laurie, joining the benevolent brigade.

Their modus operandi is simple yet profoundly impactful. Throughout the year, the squad engages in fundraising activities and appeals for donations of toys, clothes, toiletries, and food for their big Christmas Collection. They’ve forged partnerships with local schools and are in talks with family workers to channel the donations to the children and families most in need. Their community outreach extends to the digital realm as well, with a GoFundMe page for monetary contributions and an Amazon wishlist to guide kind-hearted donors on the items most desired.

As Ava, one of the ten-year-old squad members, puts it,
“We just want to help people in need. It’s kind to help other people and it’s sad if other kids don’t have Christmas presents.”
Her sentiments are echoed by her sister Thea, who at the tender age of 9, shares a profound understanding of empathy and community spirit;
“No one should wake up to nothing on Christmas, that’s not nice. We want to help people who don’t have as much. We would like to help the homeless too.”

These young humanitarians’ social media posts, showcasing the desired gifts for recipients (without revealing any personal or confidential information), not only serve as a donation guide but also as a testament to their genuine concern and proactive approach towards making a difference.

The Santa Squad’s ethos resonates with a timeless Christmas message – that the spirit of giving is indeed the true essence of Christmas. Their benevolent endeavours are a shining example of how a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens, regardless of age, can indeed change the world, or at the very least, bring a sprinkle of joy and hope to their corner of it in Hull.

As the donations come pouring in, each item is meticulously organised and prepped for distribution to the respective schools and family workers, ensuring that the essence of Christmas – love, joy, and generosity – finds its way to every household in Hull, making the season a little brighter for those facing challenges.

The Santa Squad’s journey exemplifies that age is no barrier to making a significant positive impact in the community. Their story is not just a narrative of youthful benevolence in Hull, but a rallying cry for all of us to embrace the spirit of giving, not just during the holiday season, but all year round.

For more information about Hull’s Santa Squad and the work they do, visit their Facebook page here.

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