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Love Local: 5 independent cafes that serve excellent English breakfasts in Hull



I must confess that I have a crippling addiction to a cooked breakfast. Being half-Irish, I am an avid fan of the Ulster Fry; although, having resided in Hull for the last five years I have, sadly, been deprived of my auld favourite. However, in the meantime, my tastebuds have been tantalised by many an English breakfast served up in the plethora of scrumptious cafes dotted around Hull and it is my intention, in this article, to bring your attention to five of these said cafes that sell excellent English breakfasts.

Giselle’s Cafe

11 Grimston Street, Hull, HU1 3HG

I am happy to report that Giselle’s served one of the most delightful English breakfasts that I have ever had; my egg was jaw-droppingly oozy and the hash browns had a delightful crisp on the outside. A regular breakfast at Giselle’s—this includes: two sausages; two bacon; one hashbrown; one egg; beans; tomato; mushrooms; and toast— will set you back £6.00 whereas a large breakfast costs slightly more at £7.00—again, this includes: three sausages; three bacon; two hashbrowns; one egg; beans; tomato; mushrooms; and toast.

Check out their website for more information here >>

Cafe One

109A Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2ES

During my time living in Newland, I was a regular and satisfied diner at Café One. Ever popular with the locals, it is fair to say that Café One is revered for its fried toast which adds a dash of indulgent umph to their English breakfast. Now, admittedly, Café One has a distinctly minimal online presence which means I have little else to say although this speaks volumes as to the quality of Café One as I would typically be reticent to mention somewhere of this nature as it does not make for interesting news item! You may find Café One at 109A Newland Avenue, Hull between 9:30 and 16:30.


140 Hallgate, Cottingham, HU16 4BD

I visited Kristoffs during my first week in Hull and, feeling very homesick, found some much-needed culinary comfort in the form of the Kristoffs Big Breakfast. A popular fixture on the Cottingham high street, Kristoffs is the recipient of, deserved, rave reviews testament to the quality of its food and service. At Kristoffs you can get an all-day breakfast for £4.95—this includes: two bacon; two eggs; beans; hash browns; and toast—or in the spirit of go big or go home, you can also order the Kristoffs Big Breakfast for £6.95—this includes: two bacon; two eggs; sausage; hash browns; beans; mushroom; black pudding; and toast.

Check out their website for more information here >>

The Coffee Cup

9-11 Hepworth Arcade, Hull, HU1 1JU

Buried away in Hepworth Arcade is a delightful café called The Coffee Cup and it is certainly something of a best-kept secret. Well-catered by friendly staff, The Coffee Cup loses none of Hepworth’s splendidness and delivers inviting food at affordable prices. Here, you can get a small breakfast for £4.00—this includes: one bacon; one sausage; fried egg; toast; beans; and tomato— or a large breakfast for £4.75—ths includes: two bacon; two sausages; fried egg; toast; beans; and tomato; both dishes come with the option to include extras.

More information available here >>

Zoo Cafe

80 Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 3AB

Zoo Café offers a delicious vegetarian (or vegan, if you desire) twist on the traditional English breakfasts. As something of a carnivore myself, I was blown away by the quality of the Zoo Café English breakfast and had, on multiple occasions, returned for more! It is an incumbent duty of mine to highlight the homemade baked beans which were undoubtedly the standout feature of this tastebud-popping grub. At Zoo, you can get the Zoo Breakfast for £7.50—this includes: a homemade lentil patty; two hash browns; two fried eggs; mushrooms; grilled tomatoes; homemade baked beans; and toast.

Keep up to date with Zoo Cafe via Facebook >>

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