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Love Local: Five of the best hair salons in Hull



“A short back and sides, please, my mate.” These words have served me with distinction during twenty-three years worth of barber visits—a brief flirtation with long hair during the COVID-19-induced lockdowns notwithstanding—so, it may come as a surprise to you (the reader) that I have been asked to produce an article detailing five of the best local hair salons—some might call this a paradox!

However, thankfully, my task is far easier than it seems at first sight because the quality of our city’s hair salons speak for themselves. Although, that being said, I have, worryingly, seen an ever-increasing number of mullets knocking about in the city centre. Perhaps questions have to be asked!

M-A Hair Salon

574 Beverley Rd, Hull HU6 7LG

Admittedly, M-A is the only hair salon on this list that I have attended (for reasons stated above). Having my hair washed, dried, cut, and then treated was something of an alien experience that I was initially not all that comfortable with but after some time, I came to thoroughly enjoy it courtesy of the outstanding service I received at M-A.

Sadly, my dalliance with hair salons came to an end rather swiftly as I reverted to my faithful back and sides which means that I find myself, on occasion, lamenting the luxury I was treated to at M-A where I was given a bespoke consultation before being overwhelmed with offers of complimentary refreshments, e-magazines, and in-house Wi-Fi. Now, whilst my account is impressive, it pales in comparison to the fact that M-A are the proud recipients of numerous hairdressing awards; impressively, they won no less than three last year!

You can find more information on M-A on their website here >>

Mousey Brown’s Hair Salon

I hear the name Mousey Brown’s being thrown about, in positive fashion, on the regular so it came as no surprise when I encountered an abundance of rave reviews online. Upon closer inspection, I was further impressed by Mousey Brown’s particularly because they are members of the Green Salon Collective by which I mean they use only vegan products in their salon.

Now, whilst this is not the place to wax lyrical about sustainability, the simple truth of the matter is that Mousey Brown’s deserve commendation for their commitment to vegan products, regardless of political persuasion. Alongside this, Sarah Clayton, the owner of Mousey Brown’s, has publicly stated her commitment to new-trend hairdressing and this is certainly reflected in the fruits of the labour which is positively cosmopolitan.

Check out Mousey Brown’s website for more information here >>

Esquire Hair Salon

Buried away in an artful Princes Avenue unit—it would seriously not look out of place in the underbelly of Gotham—Esquire Hair Salon go about their business with groove and ooze avant-garde. Happily, a quick look at their work tells the full story, here is a salon that makes their clients look and feel beautiful no matter the novelty of their request.

What’s more, the men of Hull will certainly not be out of place in Esquire (welcome news for the likes of me), where they shall receive a haircut catered towards the nuances of the male anatomy, I leave it to Darren Glover, salon owner, to speak the rest: ‘My interest in men’s hair helped me appreciate the fact that a fresh vision, incorporating texture and a creative outlook was required to get a strong enough image for men to have a style as opposed to the traditional cut.’

More information on Esquire Hair Salon can be found on their website here >>

Marie Clare Hair Salon & Beauty Rooms

Honestly, my girlfriend goes to Marie Clare’s so, all things considered, I think I would be in serious trouble if I did not include it in this article! All jokes aside, Marie Clare’s warrants inclusion. Seriously. This comes courtesy of the highly-trained Marie Clare team who are committed to a personal and professional service which my girlfriend and many others have attested to.

Indeed, my own experiences with the Marie Clare staff—albeit, very short-lived—have been entirely positive. That aside, Marie Clare’s is adorned in a beautiful rustic that is awash with connotations of homeliness, comfort, and quality. Naturally, this goes hand in hand with the quality of service to create an all-around quality product.

Find out more about Marie Clare’s on their website here >>

Solo Hair Group

I cycle past Solo Hair Group every day and, tellingly, no matter what the time is, their salon door is open with laughter and conversation abound. Additionally, being something of a nosey parker, I have the opportunity to observe Solo’s work regularly, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint; the number of smiling customers indicates that Solo’s is a salon of the first-rate.

Furthermore, Solo uses only Aveda products, whilst that means nothing to me, I am sure that it might mean something to you (the reader) and I write in the hope that it is another indicator of the quality that is seemingly perpetual in Solo’s.

Take a look at their work on Instagram here >>

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