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About Everything Toastie

Everything Toastie is a welcoming new addition to Hull City Centre, offering a creative twist on the beloved toasted sandwich. Situated conveniently on Carr Lane, directly across from Primark, this café stands out with its cosy seating arrangement, including large sofas that invite you to relax and enjoy your meal.

The menu at Everything Toastie is full of inventively named options that range from classic combinations to more adventurous creations. Highlights include the Cheesy Esther beans toastie, layered with cheddar, mozzarella, and a flavourful mix of refried beans, and the pepperoni pizza toastie, which combines favourite pizza toppings with the unique addition of a West African-inspired signature sauce.

This venue isn’t just about toasties; it’s soon to expand its offerings to include vegan options and jacket potatoes. For those with a sweet tooth, the café also serves a variety of desserts, like syrup-glazed doughnut balls and truffle chocolate brownies, which are perfect for rounding off your visit.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a place to unwind, Everything Toastie provides a blend of comfort, convenience, and culinary innovation that promises a delightful dining experience.


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