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Residents asked to confirm household information as electoral register canvass begins



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This week Hull City Council’s annual electoral register canvass begins.

Households who have a registered e-mail address on the electoral register will receive an e-mail from electoral.services@hullcc.gov.uk at the Council asking them to check their household voter registration details.

The annual canvass takes place to allow the Council to keep the electoral register up-to-date, and all households need to respond. Being correctly registered means residents can take part in elections.

Letters will be sent to households without a registered e-mail from 12 July and residents can respond by text, phone or online. All of these methods will require the two-part security code included in the letter.

Matt Jukes, Electoral Registration Officer, said: “It’s really important that all households read their letter carefully, check that their details are correct and respond appropriately so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in the city.

“Following the link in the e-mail is the quickest way to respond and confirm or change household details.

“Over 90 percent of households respond each year, but I’m urging all households to reply through one of these quick and easy methods.”

If nothing has changed in the household:

Text: NOCHANGE followed by your two-part security code to 80212
0800 197 9871 with and enter your two-part security code
Go online: 
visit www.householdresponse.com/Hull and enter your two-part security code

If something in the household has changed:

Go online: visit www.householdresponse.com/Hull and enter your two part security code.

If households don’t respond, they will receive a canvass form in the post to request the information again. Residents can still respond online, by phone or by text but also by completing the paper form and returning it using the pre-paid envelope provided.

If there is still no response after this, the household will receive a visit from a member of Hull City Council staff to seek the information. Each household is required by law to make sure the details on the form are correct and, if they don’t, residents could face a fine.

Residents that have any questions can find out more here or by contacting the elections team on 01482 300 302.

Find out more of what Hull City Council is doing here!

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