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Review: The Cher Show made us Believers at Hull New Theatre



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This week at Hull New Theatre, you can experience a unique journey through popular music of the 60’s, to the present day with the exciting new musical The Cher Show (try saying that after a few drinks in the bar).

This is a new musical and takes us through the life of Cherilyn Sarkisian, otherwise known to you and I as the legend that is Cher. From folk rock of the 70’s to pop rock, power ballads and arena rock, Cher has done it all.

We didn’t see just one actress play Cher last night. Part in reference to her longevity in the music industry, The Cher Show had three Chers who all appeared through the show, talking to their future self, their past self and guiding us through the story.  

The youngest was Millie O’Connell who was fabulous as Cher starting out. Meeting Sonny (Lucas Rush) and launching their pop career on Top of the Pops in London. The story told of Sonny taking over Cher’s career management during their marriage and Cher eventually waking up to the fact he had 95% of Cher Enterprises and the Lawyer had the other 5%. Understandably, once our gal realised she was working for nothing, she got out. She was also fed up that she worked non-stop and didn’t get to see her daughter Chastity (now known as Chaz).

Here, Danielle Steers took over as the new solo artiste Cher. Steers has the most fantastic voice; so powerful and her take on Cher’s style was superb. To be honest, of the three Chers throughout The Cher Show, Steers was my favourite. She had the resonance in her sound and the power in her vocals. Steers took us through Cher’s early solo life, her meeting her second husband and the birth of Elijah, with Cher again, becoming a single mum with a career.  

Mature Cher was played by Debbie Kurup. Again, such power in her voice and a great performance as Cher. Throughout, she was the sensible voice to her two younger Cher selves, guiding them through life’s decisions.

The costumes, as to be expected with anything to do with Cher, were glitzy, sparkly, bright, fantastically over the top. Cher is one of those artists that couldn’t possible dress looking drab. She would look fantastic in a bin liner. And so, our three Chers dressed in gold lame, tight biker jackets, skimpy costumes.  It was camp-tastic!

The music. Well, it was pure Cher. Loud, catchy and uplifting. Songs such as Half Breed, I Got You Babe from the early years, Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves and Believe.

The show is at Hull New Theatre this week and is well worth seeing whether you like Cher or not. She has adapted as styles of music changed and is still performing and relevant today as she was in the 60’s. Don’t miss this and get your camera ready for the finale!

The Cher Show is running until Saturday at Hull New Theatre and tickets are available here >>

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