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The finest Oriental restaurants Hull & East Yorkshire has to offer



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For over fifty years Oriental cuisine has been an admired, and integrated, part of British dining culture. Be it a Chinese takeaway fit for Friday night’s after work, or a swish Japanese restaurant perfect for romantic couples seeking to try something new, the British public are thoroughly taken with Oriental cuisine and all it has to offer us.

Thankfully, Hull & East Yorkshire’s propensity towards inclusion and experimental cuisine has allowed for a number of impressive Oriental establishments to open over the years, providing hungry customers with nourishment and cultural enlightenment in equal measure. In order to celebrate the local area and it’s wealth of diverse eateries, here is a list of the very finest Oriental restaurants Hull & East Yorkshire has to offer.


1, Beaver House, Beverley HU17 0AA

With it’s stylish décor and impeccable service, Ogino ranks as one of Beverley’s finest restaurants, as well as being a standout example of what good-quality Oriental cuisine can be. Situated near Beverley’s historic Saturday Market, Ogino sits in a prime, bustling social area, making it the perfect place to come with friends or family. As well as possessing helpful and friendly staff, Ogino also deals in some of the finest Oriental cuisine the local area has to offer.

Specialising in Japanese delicacies specifically, some of Ogino’s most popular and sought after dishes are as follows: Kakuni Pork Donburi, Salmon Katsu Curry, Squid Tempura, and Kara-Age Chicken. Although Ogino’s dishes are slightly more expensive than those of the other restaurants to appear on this list, the undeniable quality of the food and the hospitality with which it is delivered warrants the escalation in price. In order to demonstrate their willingness to accept modernity and different dietary choices, Ogino also offer a Vegetarian and Gluten Conscious menu.

Check out their website >

Sumo Pan Asian

40 Prestongate, Hessle HU13 0RE

Sumo Pan Asian specialises in a number of Oriental cuisines, namely: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, making it a diverse and accessible eatery perfect for large groups with differing tastes. Their Hessle restaurant (which is twinning with a Beverley restaurant) is rapidly becoming one of the most popular establishments in the local area, demonstrating how inventive and unique cuisine can appeal to everybody.

Like Ogino, Sumo boasts an impressive décor and interior, blending tradition and modernity perfectly in order to create an atmospheric and relaxed dining experience. Due to the establishments love of all Oriental cuisine, their menu’s are extensive and varied, featuring a number of impressive dishes sure to satisfy any hungry foodie. For those seeking to capture the grandeur of Sumo from the comfort of their home, the restaurant offers a tantalising takeaway menu, featuring everything from Fried Tofu and Vegetable Curry, to Sumo Korean Buns, and Thai Red Curry. Their well renowned evening menu is equally impressive, incorporating a number of delicious Oriental dishes sure to impress any hungry customer. For tasty food in stylish surroundings, Sumo Pan Asian is perfect.

Check out their website >

China Red at The Coach and Horses

Beverley Rd, Dunswell, Hull HU6 0AD

This homely Cantonese restaurant and takeaway has long been a local favourite in Hull and the surrounding area, providing good-quality food and comfort in equal measure. China Red operates using three impressive menus, Takeaway, Dinner, and Lunch, with each one offering dishes that appeal to hardened foodies and rookies alike. Some of their standout dishes include, but are not limited to: King Prawn Chow Mein, Satay Mixed Vegetables, and Singapore Fried Rice. For delicious Cantonese cuisine in a homely and comforting setting, China Red is ideal.

Check out their website >


169 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BB

Cottingham’s very own Woksoever maintains an impressive four and a half star rating on TripAdvisor, and for good reason. The establishment’s homely and traditional décor has made it a firm favourite amongst local curators of Oriental cuisine, with it’s impressive food and drink drawing new customers in virtually everyday. Thanks to it’s extensive menu and design, Woksoever is the perfect place to come with a large group, providing customers with a sociable and inviting dining experience. Their all you can eat menu is a blessing for those invested in Oriental cuisine! Some of the establishments standout dishes are as follows: Chicken Wings in Peking Sauce, Thai Style Pork Skewers, and their irresistible Honey Spare Ribs.

Check out their Facebook page >

Malai Thai Street Food

103 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ES

Newland Avenue’s Malai Thai Street Food is responsible for serving up some of the local area’s most delectable Oriental dishes. Nestled comfortably down one of Hull’s most vibrant social hubs, Malai Thai excels in providing delicious food, hospitality, and comfort, all at a reasonable price. Aswell as offering a number of recognisable dishes, such as Chicken Satay (Gai Satay) and Thai Meatballs (Look Chin Tod), Malai also excels in providing it’s customers with some authentic Thai meals, including: Thai Yellow Curry, Jungle Curry, and Goong Pao (Marinated King Prawns). Malai also now offers a number of Vegan options.

Check out their Facebook page >

Noodle Plus

191 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2EN

Also situated down Hull’s ever bustling Newland Avenue is Noodle Plus, a local favourite whose devout following is growing day by day. In addition to boasting a homely interior and friendly staff, Noodle Plus is well renowned for it’s authenticism and quality of food. Noodle Plus serve delicious Noodles (surprisingly) of every different variety, as well as a number of classic dishes long incorporated into the local culture and cuisine, including Chow Mein and Sweet and Sour.

Check out their Facebook page >


1C Charles St, Hull HU2 8DF

Yinjibar reigns as one of Hull’s best kept culinary secrets, excelling in authentic Oriental cuisine that never fails to disappoint. This traditional and friendly establishment is perfectly suited for large groups of friends and families seeking some delicious and warming traditional cuisine. As well as serving tasty Sushi, Yinjibar also specialises in seafood, Dim-Sum, and Noodles, making it one of the local area’s most diverse, as well as rewarding places to dine. Those in search of delicious, authentic food at a reasonable price need look no further.

Check out their Facebook page >

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