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The Highest Rated Indian Restaurants in Hull



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Such is the popularity of Indian Cuisine in the UK that recently Chicken Tikka Masala was voted the nation’s favourite meal. Whether it’s a family outing to a curry house on a Saturday night, or an indulgent takeaway perfect for rainy nights in after work, the British public cannot get enough of Indian Cuisine and all it has to offer us.

Thankfully, Hull and The East Riding boasts a number of impressive eateries that specialise in Indian Cuisine- delighting eager and curious customers with everything from Saag Aloo to Prawn Puri. For your culinary benefit, here are the finest Indian Restaurant’s Hull and The East Riding has to offer.

The Madras Restaurant

249 Anlaby Rd, Hull HU3 2SE


Anlaby Road’s The Madras Restaurant is one of the local area’s most renowned Indian Restaurants, ranking as the highest rated eatery of the sort on TripAdvisor. The Madras’s minimalist, urban décor and flawless service makes for an impressive dining experience, sure to charm any local foodie. In addition to stellar design and hospitality however, The Madras also provides customers with some amazing Indian food.

The Madras Restaurant walks the line between strict authenticism and populism perfectly-serving a variety of dishes that appeal to different palettes and culinary tastes. As well as serving up some Anglicised dishes, such as Korma and Masala, The Madras is also capable of offering some unique dishes, sure to pique the interest of any dedicated foodie. Some of these dishes include: Chicken Naga, Allo Puri, Nawabi Lamb Shank, and Dall Gosht- all of which are cooked to perfection! For large groups of family or friends, seeking to indulge in some authentic Indian Cuisine, The Madras Restaurant is perfect.

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Thu 7 Oct – Sat 30 Oct @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Fri 5 Nov @ 7:00pm – 12:00am

Check out their website: https://www.the-madras.com/restaurant-menu/

Tapasya Marina

2-3 Humber Dock St, Hull HU1 1TB

Given how impressive an establishment Tapasya at Marina is, it comes as no surprise that they have been featured on Hull What’s On before! Found in the metropolitan heart of Hull Marina, Tapasya is an eatery without peer, serving up some of the local area’s finest Indian dishes, as well as allowing customers to bask in the comforting bustle of the local area. Like The Madras Restaurant, Tapasya commands an impressive décor and design, providing customers with plenty of space and comfort- thus making it the perfect place to come with large parties.

Tapasya also has plenty to talk about with regard to their food! With five menu’s to choose from, the establishment is sure to have something for everyone- a comfort for those with differing culinary or dietary inclinations. Although their prices are slightly higher than The Madras’s, to those that appreciate authentic and flawlessly cooked Indian food, this should be no issue. Some of their standout dishes include, but are not limited to: ‘Lamb leg diced and braised in caramelised onions with Rajasthani spice’, Crispy deep-fried tilapia, and Chicken Xacuti.

Check out their website: https://www.tapasyarestaurants.co.uk/index.php


Raj Pavilion

56a, 58 Beverley Rd, Hull HU3 1YE

This award-winning eatery is consistently rated as one of Hull’s finest Indian Restaurants, offering good food and personal charm in equal measure. The establishments comfortable and authentically designed interior makes for a unique and intimate dining experience- the perfect location for going out with loved ones.

Their Indian dishes have captivated the hearts and bellies of the local area- Chicken Rezala, Kora King Prawn, Handi Chicken, Raj Pavilion offers an extensive and varied menu, populating it with English Dishes and Authentic Indian choices equally. For beautifully cooked food in stylish and comfortable surroundings, there is no other choice than Raj Pavilion.


Check out their website: http://www.rajpavilion.co.uk/

Ruby Spice

36 Cottingham Rd, Hull HU6 7RA

Situated on Cottingham Road, Ruby Spice is a comfortable and charming establishment eminently capable of providing its loyal customers with good quality Indian food that never fails to disappoint, nor convert any new comer. Ruby Spice provides takeaway options as well as the opportunity to dine in, demonstrating their enthusiasm to accommodate the customer beyond all.


The eatery specialises in a number of delicious dishes, some easily recognisable, some perhaps more obscure: Chicken Tikka Balti, Masala Fish, Lamb Kufta Curry, Mango Lamb- Ruby Spice’s culinary variety is unmatched in the local area.

Check out their website: https://rubyspiceonline.co.uk/order-now

Lime Tandoori

560 Beverley Rd, Hull HU6 7LG

A personal favourite of mine, Beverley Roads’ very own Lime Tandoori is an endlessly accommodating establishment whose reputation is bolstered further by their delicious and varied food. Like all of the restaurants featured on this list, Lime Tandoori boasts a comfortable and quaint interior, one perfectly tailored to socialising with family and friends.

As well as providing excellent service and atmospheric surroundings, Lime Tandoori also serves up some of the local area’s most impressive Indian Cuisine. Their dishes, all of which are priced reasonably, are capable of accommodating all guests and are cooked to perfection. Some of their standout dishes include, but are not limited to: Lamb Tikka Pasanda, Vegetable Shanaz, Beef Kori, and Chicken Rezala.

Check out their website: https://limetandoorihull.co.uk/

Bengal Lounge

31-33 Princes Ave, Hull HU5 3RX

Last but by no means last is Bengal Lounge, an impressive establishment situated down Princes Avenue, one of Hull’s most inviting areas to socialise. With it’s regal décor and design, Bengal Lounge is an inviting and unique eatery, sure to impress any local foodie.

The renowned Indian Restaurant offers a takeaway and eat in menu, both of which are abundant with tasty and unique dishes- available at a reasonable price! Some of their most popular dishes include: Honey Chili Chicken, King Prawn Hara, and Paneer Pakora. For delicious food in unique and authentic surroundings, Bengal Lounge is perfect.

Check out their website: http://www.bengalloungeindian.co.uk/

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