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The ultimate food & drink guide to Cottingham

With it’s bustling, homely high street and wealth of scenic spots, Cottingham is a village like no other! Thanks in part to it’s lively centre, Cottingham is full of amazing places to eat and drink at. No matter what you’re after, be it Italian, Indian, or maybe just some wholesome pub food, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

Being from Cottingham myself, I am enthusiastic about all that the village has to offer the people of Hull and East Yorkshire. With this firmly in mind then, here is a comprehensive food and drink guide to the village-to guide you in your choices should you have the fortune of visiting this gem of the local area!

Pasco’s Italian

Kings Parade, King St, Cottingham HU16 5QQ

For years now Pasco’s Italian has been one of Cottingham’s most popular and beloved restaurants, and given the quality of the establishment’s delicious, homemade food, and the immense friendliness of their staff, it’s little surprise that the restaurant is so admired!

Found a mere stone’s throw away from Cottingham’s bustling high street, Pasco’s is a homely and atmospheric eatery-perfectly tailored for large groups of friends and family.

Although the restaurant is primarily known for championing Italian dishes, there are plenty of alternative options for those with different culinary inclinations, making it an eatery suitable for just about everyone. Some of the establishment’s standout dishes are as follows: Salsiccia Napoli, Diavola pizza, Pollo Carpese (An Anglo-Italian favourite!) and Salmone Con Gamberetti, all of which are available at affordable prices!

For wholesome Italian food in homely surroundings, Pasco’s Italian is without a peer, making it one of our favourite places to eat in Cottingham!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Cassiel Bar & Kitchen

155 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BB

Cassiel Bar & Kitchen has rejuvenated Cottingham’s high street with its stylish décor, adventurous cuisine and welcoming staff. Nestled amidst Hallgate’s numerous shops and businesses, the establishment overlooks the bustle of Cottingham’s liveliest street, making it an atmospheric and lively place to visit. Cassiel’s menu is both diverse and exciting, with everything from tapas to burgers on offer!

Additionally, the establishment also serves a number of tasty alcoholic beverages and cocktails-the perfect accompaniment to one of their fantastic dishes.

Speaking of, some of the establishment’s standout dishes are as follows: linguini carbonara, their house beef burger, wild mushroom stroganoff and their delicious grilled salmon fillet!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Kristoffs Cafe Bar & Restaurant

140 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BD

Just around the corner from Pasco’s is Kristoff’s Cafe Bar & Restaurant, a charming establishment whose wealth of welcoming staff and delicious food has made it one of Cottingham’s best-loved places to eat, drink and socialise at.

Though slightly smaller than the previously listed establishments, Kristoff’s is still capable of housing a great number of customers, and is the perfect place to come for a delicious meal with family, friends, or a partner.

Like Cassiel, Kristoff’s commands an impressive view of Cottingham’s centre and high street, therefore granting the restaurant a sense of liveliness.

For years Kristoff’s has been much-cherished among places to eat in Cottingham. Respected and loved for its attention to detail and unfaltering commitment to good, homemade food! Some of their most beloved dishes are as follows: Whitby scampi, old fashioned gammon and roast of the day-all of which are available at an affordable price!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.


205 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BB

Something of a hidden gem in the local area, Alishaan is Cottingham’s premier Indian restaurant. Homely and friendly, Alishaan delivers on delicious food and helpful staff in equal measure.

Found at the top of Cottingham’s high street, less than a minute’s walk from Cassiel, Alishaan is an affordable and impressive eatery-sure to satisfy any hungry customer fortunate enough to visit!

Some of the restaurant’s standout dishes are as follows: Tandoori King Prawns, Tandoori Mixed Grill, King Prawn Nawabi, and their delicious speciality, Special Chicken Razala-a delicious dish which goes perfectly with a cold pint of lager!

Those seeking authentic Indian food served up in welcoming surroundings will be more than satisfied with Alishaan. The next time you find yourself in the area, pay them a visit!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The Blue Bell Restaurant

7 W Green, Cottingham HU16 4BH

Situated a minute or so from Cottingham’s village centre, and overlooking a leafy village green is The Blue Bell Restaurant-a wholesome establishment whose traditional English pub décor and delicious food have made it a firm local (and personal) favourite.

A self-titled ‘elegant gastro pub’, The Bluebell balances refinery with tradition excellently, and is equally suitable for those wanting a night out of socialising with friends as it is for those desiring a deliciously cooked meal on a cold Winter’s night!

Some of the establishment’s finest dishes are as follows: Fish Pie, Butternut Squash Linguini, Beef & Chips and their delicious Fruit Crumble-perfect for these bitter January nights!

For beautifully cooked English cuisine in the homeliest of surroundings, The Bluebell is a perfect choice!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Fair Maid

Baynard Avenue, Cottingham HU16 5AB

Across the road from The Bluebell Restaurant and carrying on with the traditional English pub feel is none other than the Fair Maid-a Greene King establishment whose domineering size and bustling interior have attracted hungry customers in search of homely comfort for years!

This spacious and lively pub is perfect for large groups of friends and families seeking affordable, heartwarming meals and the chance to socialise in lively surroundings-making it perfect for virtually everyone!

With its extensive and diverse menu, the Fair Maid is also capable of accommodating those with specific dietary and culinary requirements.

Some of their most beloved dishes include Steak & Ale Pie, Flame-Grilled Cheese & Bacon Burger, Apple Pie Sundae Jar and the Vegan Chickless Fillet Burger, all of which are sure to satisfy any hungry customer in need of a generously portioned meal.

For comfort in the extreme, the Fair Maid is simply without a rival among places to eat in Cottingham’s restaurant scene!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Raph’s Lounge

164 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4YD

Raph’s Lounge, a sister establishment to Cassiel, is a stylish and atmospheric restaurant/bar whose endorsement of live music and sociability makes it one of Cottingham’s busiest and most exciting places to visit!

Described as a ‘hybrid’ establishment, Raph’s caters for those seeking a delicious meal and a night out in equal measure, allowing it to accommodate as many lucky customers as possible.

Thanks to its extensive menu, Raph’s is also capable of catering for any dietary or culinary requirements that their customers may have. Some of their finest dishes are as follows: lamb spanaki (GF), moussaka and risotto marinara, all of which are perfectly complimented by a glass of wine of beer!

Raph’s Lounge has brought something new and exciting to Cottingham’s food & drink scene, and is therefore definitely worthy of a visit.

Check out their Facebook page for further information.


169 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BB

Cottingham’s premier Chinese restaurant, Woksoever is a friendly establishment with plenty of authentic Chinese food on offer and enough hospitable staff to make it one of the local area’s most popular restaurants!

Tucked away somewhat, Woksoever is an atmospheric and lively place to eat at nonetheless, and is perfect for large groups of friends and families.

Woksoever boasts a varied and extensive menu, meaning that there is bound to be something for everyone! A handful of their very best dishes are as follows: pork ribs peking style, deep-fried vegetable won ton, mushroom chow mein and garlic honey spare ribs.

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Blondes Cruelty-Free Eatery

106 King St, Cottingham HU16 5QE

Blondes is one of the local area’s most respected meat-free establishments and has been diligently serving hungry customers for years. With it’s cosy, farm-shop style interior, hospitable staff and wealth of tasty food, it’s no wonder that Blondes is such a success!

In addition to serving up freshly cooked vegetarian and vegan food, Blondes also sells a number of shelved products, including; chocolate, sweets and pasta-all of which can be bought at a reasonable price. Some of the establishment’s best-loved dishes are as follows: meatball, tomato and cheese melt, cheese and onion marmalade jacket potato, BBQ chicken sandwiches and sweet treats of every thinkable variety!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Mr Smiths Delicatessen

129-131 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4DA

Mr Smiths has been providing the people of Cottingham and beyond with delicious sandwiches, pastries and treats for a number of years, and seems to be going from strength to strength!

Situated a stone’s throw away from Kristoff’s, Mr Smith’s is a traditional and rustic delicatessen-full of atmosphere and comfort. Always busy and immensely popular with locals, Mr Smiths serves up everything from hot sandwiches and jacket potatoes to brownies and cake! Whether it’s lunch you’re after, or maybe just a snack, Mr Smiths have you covered!

Check out their Instagram page.

Hallgate Tavern

125-127 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4DA

Just next door to Mr Smiths Delicatessen is The Hallgate Tavern, a traditional English pub full of charm and comfort. Popular with locals, The Hallgate Tavern boasts a cosy interior, friendly staff and a general atmosphere of welcome-perfect for a midweek pint when you need to wind down!

The establishment also serves food, including a number of wholesome pub classics designed to be heart-warming, simple and comforting. Sausage and mash, cod and chips, vegetable lentil chilli-if it’s warm and homely The Hallgate Tavern is sure to have it!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

King William IV (King Billy)

152 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BD

Locally known as King Billy, or just Billy, the King William IV is one of Cottingham’s most popular pubs. Found a few doors down from Kristoff’s, King Billy commands an impressive view of the village’s lively high street-making it an atmospheric place to come for a well earnt pint!

The pub also specialises in homemade dishes, all of which are generously proportioned and affordable. Some of their best-loved classics are as follows: pie of the day, Whitby scampi and ham, egg and chips.

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The Old Lamp Room

Station Rd, Station, Cottingham HU16 4LL

Fashioned out of an old, disused ticket office, The Old Lamp Room is a charming and unique café with tonnes of character and charm. Found at Cottingham’s railway station, The Old Lamp Room prides itself on homely décor, friendly staff and delicious food.

Brunch, breakfast, lunch and roasts, The Old Lamp Room have an exciting and varied menu full of unmissable dishes. Whether it’s food you’re after, or maybe just a quick cup of tea whilst you wait for your train, The Old Lamp Room will make you feel welcome all the same.

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The Hummingbird Bistro

76 King St, Cottingham HU16 5QE

Standing proudly in Cottingham’s village centre is The Hummingbird Bistro. Despite having been open for business less than a year, The Hummingbird has rapidly become one of the local area’s most popular restaurants!

Serving up brunch, sunday roasts and mains, The Hummingbird are all about catering to and impressing the local customer. With everything from bubble & squeak to belly pork on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Those hankering for a relaxing meal to see in the weekend will find The Hummingbird Bistro ideal!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Lucy’s Coffee Shop (Southwood Garden Centre)

Southwood Farm Shop, Ganton Ave, Cottingham HU16 5HG

Lucy’s Coffee Shop is situated within Cottingham’s Southwood Garden Centre, and is one of the village’s most beloved and popular cafe’s. Serving up sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads and mains-Lucy’s champion comfort and affordability.

Using locally sourced ingredients, Lucy’s combines farm-shop homeliness with professionalism and brilliant service delivery, making it a perfect place to visit for some lunch!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The Food Hall Bakery Cottingham

40 Finkle St, Cottingham HU16 4AZ

A charming local bakery serving up; sausage rolls, pasties, brownies, pastries and much more-Cottingham’s The Food Hall Bakery is found on Finkle Street, a minute away from the village’s centre. With it’s friendly staff, homemade treats and perfect positioning, The Food Hall is bound to go from strength to strength!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Pearl and Jesse’s Coffee

177 Hallgate, Cottingham HU16 4BB

Cottingham’s high street is not short of brilliant restaurants and cafes, and Pearl and Jesse’s Coffee is another of the village’s standouts! Pearl and Jesse’s is a friendly and cosy establishment-perfect for those in need of a snack and a hot drink on cold Winter mornings.

Whether it’s something sweet you’re in need of, or maybe some lunch, Pearl and Jesse’s can always accommodate you. The next time you’re passing by and find yourself fancying a coffee and some cake, Pearl’s and Jesse’s is the perfect choice for you!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The Duke

10, Market Green, Cottingham HU16 5QG

A local legend, The Duke of Cumberland stands impressively amongst Cottingham’s bustling village centre. Welcoming, affordable and always lively, The Duke of Cumberland champions comfort above all else-those seeking to wind down after a hectic day at work will find The Duke to be a perfect choice!

In addition to possessing all the trappings of a traditional English pub, The Duke of Cumberland also serves up some fantastic food! With a new menu featuring steak & ale pie, scampi and lasagne amongst other classics, The Duke is sure to consolidate it’s position as one of Cottingham’s finest pubs.

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

The West Bulls

Bricknell Ave, Hull HU5 4QD

Exuding Sunday afternoon comfort and indulgence is The West Bulls, one of the local area’s most beloved carveries and pubs. Situated on Bricknell Avenue, The West Bulls is perfect for those seeking an affordable and wholesome meal-accompanied by a hot drink or alcoholic beverage!

Equally well known for both it’s pizzas and carveries, The West Bulls make it their business to ply the customer with friendliness and delicious food. The next time you find yourself with an empty lazy Sunday, make The West Bulls your port of call!

Check out their Facebook page for further information.

Full of character, friendliness and charm, Cottingham is a village to be explored. The next time you’re in need of a homemade meal on a cold Winter’s night, or a hard-earned pint with friends, I recommend you visit Cottingham and see for yourself all that the village has to offer.

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