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The unique independent pet emporium in Hull’s Land of Green Ginger

Tucked away in Hull’s Land of Green Ginger is a beautiful store named Lili and Mila’s Empawrium. Run by Lisa, affectionately known as Lili, and her trusty companion Mila, the shop follows the same principle as human emporiums – an ever-changing mishmash of interesting and wonderful items.

As soon as we entered the shop, the in-store bakery immediately caught our eye – it’s packed full of doughnuts, cannolis, cupcakes, eclairs and more, all made for pets to eat! We chatted with Lisa about it and found out that all the treats are made grain-free, gluten-free, and with dog-safe ingredients such as tapioca cream, natural ginger, and dog-safe chocolate, all formulated for pets with sensitive stomachs.

They love baking fun, creative, and safe treats made with the health of pets in mind, and they even make cakes for birthdays and ice cream, which offer DIY versions you can make at home.

We were still reeling from how amazing the bakery was when we found the ‘Charpoocherie’ pick and mix section a little further into the store. The cleverly named feature allows you to handpick a variety of hard chews and natural treats, tailoring selections to your pet’s liking. It’s a lot of fun to grab a bag and pick out treats you think your pet will enjoy, and with the popularity of the spot, they’re planning to introduce a ‘Charpurrterie’ for cats too.

Of course, the store’s food offerings aren’t just freshly baked treats and pick and mix – they have an extensive selection of all-natural pet foods, from single protein training treats to bags of dry food, including products from Eden Holistic Pet Foods, of which Lili and Mila’s are the first stockists in East Yorkshire. They even have meaty-flavoured vitamin drinks!

Another surprisingly clever product we found were the Scoff Paper edible dog cards, which featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. The one-of-a-kind treats let you send pets cards to celebrate events, which they can then eat. They come in a variety of flavours and, like the rest of the store’s offerings, are all-natural.

Wandering around the shop we found plenty of harnesses, collars, leads, and waste bag holders, catering to all sizes and preferences. They’re all custom-made for the store and extremely high quality, from Adjustable harnesses made from soft diving suit fabric and more robust and firm Discovery harnesses for adventurous pets. Although the shop is mainly dog-focused, the range doesn’t stop there; there’s something for everyone, with items for fish, birds, and small animals found on shelves next to the dedicated Cat Corner.

An especially exciting development Lisa chatted to us about was a pet café, soon to be built within the store. Lili & Mila’s already serve ‘Puppaccinos’ at events, and the long-term aim is to serve treats like that and more in the store, for both pets and humans alike. The cafe aims to be open on both weekends and weekdays, encouraging people to bring their pets for days out around the town more often.

The shop’s layout changes regularly, giving it the feel of a true emporium where every visit brings something new. And if you’re short on time, besides their bespoke offerings, Lili and Mila’s provides a convenient click-and-collect service too, perfect for quick stops during a busy day.

Whether you’re from the area or just passing through, Lili & Mila’s offers an engaging and enjoyable experience that goes well beyond an ordinary pet shop, providing both fun and functional solutions for pet owners and their beloved companions. We can’t recommend stopping by enough next time you’re in the area!

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