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Where to find the most delicious doughnuts around Hull



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Of all the various delicacies America has kindly given us- Twinkies, Smores, Corn Dogs, none have entranced the British populace quite so much as the Doughnut. This small and delicious treat reigns as an essential snack, all the more desirable for the way it beautifully compliments a cup of tea or coffee. Whether you’re in need of a warming dessert on a winter’s day, or simply a delectable bite to eat, the doughnut is capable of accommodating and satisfying all foodies.

Thankfully, Hull boasts a handful of culinary establishments dedicated to providing the local population with fulfilling and creative doughnuts at a reasonable price. Here are some of the eateries I recommend you visit in your spare time for a tasty and moreish doughnut.

Revival Coffee and Donuts

77 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LD

Previously featured on Hull What’s On for their delicious homemade coffee, Revival also deals in some of the local area’s most inventive and delicious doughnuts. Situated in the very heart of Hull’s sprawling urban hub, Revival is perfect for those intending to enjoy their coffee and donut in relaxed, trendy surroundings.

Revival’s coffee and donut menus are subject to frequent amendments and changes, thus providing eager customers with a sense of excitement and suspense upon ordering one of their desirable products. Additionally, every one of Revival’s doughnuts are vegan, thus allowing the progressive establishment to accommodate customers of different dietary inclinations.

The donut’s currently on offer at Revival are both varied and delicious, Lemon Cheesecake, Mango Mojito, Butterscotch Cookie Crumble, Revival excels in providing their customers with an eccentric yet appealing list of doughnuts. Individual donut’s cost £3.50, with a box of three costing £10, and a box of six (ideal for sharing with a group of friends) costs £17. The expense of Revival’s doughnuts is more than justified by their unforgettable taste, and the applaudable level of creativity and invention that goes into their creation. For good quality doughnuts of every possible variety, Revival Coffee and Donut’s is perfect.

Check out their website: https://www.revivalcoffeeanddonuts.com/

Flour and Feast

10 Humber St, Hull HU1 1TG

Rivalling Revival for delectable and inventive doughnuts is Humber Street’s very own rustic bakery Flour and Feast, a charming and homely establishment perfect for those seeking to eat and drink in a lively yet comfortable setting. Flour and Feast provides lucky customers with homemade doughnuts of every possible variety, with each product being available with vegan dough and filling, allowing the endearing eatery to cater for all local foodies.

Whereas Revival’s doughnuts are largely of the ringed variety, Flour and Feast’s are typically filled, and thus present the customer with a compact yet delicious treat. Some of the bakeries favoured fillings include: Biscoff, Hazelnut Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Banoffee. As well as offering a whole host of appetizing homemade fillings, Flour and Feast have also put a distinctly British twist on an iconic American dish, creating ‘The 99’, a ‘Vanilla bean crème filled donut with a Cadbury flake’, sure to gratify any foodie seeking something new.

Check out their website: https://www.flourandfeast.com/

The Dirty Doughnut

Based in Hull, this delivery and market catering eatery specialises in extravagant and decadent doughnuts, perfect for those wanting to push the boat out and indulge in some carefully crafted treats. The Dirty Doughnut’s extensive doughnut menu changes weekly, with vegan options being available in abundance.

Choosing from The Dirty Doughnut’s mouth-watering menu is a momentous task- so here are a handful of their products that standout for sheer invention and appeal: The Mint Aero, The Cherry Bakewell, White Ferrero Rocher (perfect with a hot speciality coffee), Battenberg, and last but by no means least, The Bourbon.

The Dirty Doughnut deliver extensively around the local area, whilst also appearing frequently at local markets, shows and events. Whether you intend to enjoy your treat at home, or make a day of it, The Dirty Doughnut satisfy their customers all the same. Their ‘3 BOX Saturday Local Delivery’ (perfect for Saturday nights with loved ones or friends) costs £12, whilst the slightly larger ‘6 BOX Saturday Local Delivery’ package costs £20.

Check out their website to read more about their appearances in the coming months and to place an order: https://www.thedirtydoughnut.co.uk/

Ice Bite

298 Holderness Rd, Hull HU9 2JX

This Holderness Road dessert restaurant and takeaway is the perfect place to pick up some amazing doughnuts on the cheap whenever the craving strikes. Ice Bite have a whole range of sweet-tooth favourite desserts on the menu including Gelato Scoops, Cookie Dough, Freaky Shakes, and Belgian Waffles.

Their doughnuts come in orders of three or six and cost £3 and £5 respectively and for 50p extra, you can pick your toppings and sauce. Sauces include strawberry sauce, white chocolate sauce, Biscoff sauce, Nutella sauce, chocolate fondue sauce. And for toppings there is Biscoff crumbs, Oreo crumbs, 100s and 1000s, hazelnuts, and chocolate flake.

You can order from their website: https://icebiteonline.co.uk/order-now

doughnuts are a sweet delicacy like no other-unrivalled in creativity and appeal, perfect for any occasion and all weathers, and most importantly, tasty. If ever you feel the urge to treat yourself with something sweet and moreish, I recommend you consult some of the local area’s finest culinary establishments for a unique and rewarding treat that demands return.

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