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Humber Science Festival starts this week – Here’s your event guide!

The Humber Science Festival is just around the corner! There are a ton of activities available on the University of Hull’s campus, and in venues across the city throughout its duration, from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 September. It’s a brilliant opportunity to take family, friends, or the kids out for a fun and educational experience like no other. The event and all tickets are free, but you’ll still need to book them to get in!

With all that said, here’s your comprehensive guide to the Humber Science Festival!

The Compass

Location: The Deep – Tower St, HU1 4DP
Tickets: None – Just show up and watch from 8:30pm to 10:30pm, Thursday to Saturday!

The Compass, commissioned by the British Science Festival, has been created by Illuminos and produced by event production specialists Inspirate.

The show is being brought to the banks of the Humber, and will be visible from the banks of the River Hull, facing The Deep, from dusk. The 20-minute audio/visual light spectacular will be displayed on a loop throughout the evenings until 10:30pm!

Through cutting-edge projection mapping technology, their tales of passion, perseverance, and innovation are brought to life before your very eyes, illustrating how scientific exploration resonates directly with our day-to-day experiences.

Discovery Zone

Location: University of Hull – Wilberforce building, Inglemire Lane, HU6 7TS
Tickets: 10am to 4pm Saturday10am to 4pm Sunday

The Discovery Zone is open from 10am to 4pm, and forms the centrepiece of the festival, with over 30 hands-on activities and drop-in workshops.

With a wide range of interactive exhibits, workshops, and demonstrations, there’s something for everyone. From mind-boggling experiments to mind-blowing displays, you’ll have the chance to engage with cutting-edge research and meet passionate scientists.

Discover the secrets of the universe, explore the wonders of nature, and unlock the mysteries of technology. The Discovery Zone is designed to inspire curiosity and ignite a love for science in people of all ages.

One ticket will get you access to all the attractions in the Zone, but other shows and workshops must be booked separately below.

Turning the Tide

Location: University of Hull – Library Exhibition Space, Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 1:30pm Saturday, 1:30pm Sunday

Get ready to explore the fusion of science and dance like never before! This in-person event promises to be a captivating experience, where scientific concepts are brought to life through the art of dance. Prepare to be amazed as talented performers use their bodies to convey complex scientific ideas in a visually stunning and thought-provoking manner.

Through the medium of dance, fifteen ‘angels of the north’ express the power, beauty, strength and potential of the offshore wind industry.  Several of the ‘angels’ are women who work in or around the industry already, and are filmed in locations around the Humber, including The Deep, the Humber Bridge, Hull Minster and Hessle’s Aura Innovation Centre as well as at the Siemens wind turbine factory.

From the intricate movements that represent the intricacies of DNA, to the graceful choreography that illustrates the laws of physics, this event will immerse you in a world where science and art collide. Whether you are a science enthusiast, a dance lover, or simply curious about the intersection of these two disciplines, this event is for you.

Hunting the Higgs

Location: University of Hull – Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 10:30 or 1pm Saturday2pm Sunday

In this unique, comedic, fast-paced, highly interactive show you will control the legendary Large Hadron Collider. You will have direct access to LHC data. You are at the cutting edge of particle physics. Do you have what it takes to hunt the Higgs?

Please take your mobile phones or smart devices. WiFi connection recommended for maximum engagement. This 50-minute show is suitable for all ages.

The Rude Science Show

Location: University of Hull – Middleton Hall, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 11am or 2pm Saturday

Stefan Gates’ explosive new show explores the revolting science of vomit, urine, earwax, scabs, poo and much, much worse.

The show is based on his book Rude Science and reveals everything you always wanted to know about the revolting human juices, smells and crispy bits that no one ever talks about. It’s all brought to life with Stef’s signature stunts, spectacular demos and bizarre props, so expect snot cocktails, vomiting mannequins and, of course, enormous bottoms. Stefan is an author, TV presenter and podcaster, and is confident that this show will appeal to audiences of all ages.

The Mystery of Black holes: Friends or Foes?

Location: University of Hull – Wilberforce building, Cottingham Road, HU6 7TS
Tickets: 2pm Saturday

Engaging seminar exploring the good, bad, and ugly of mysterious black holes. Black holes are misunderstood, and are one of the most common topics Professor Brad Gibson gets asked about at public events. It’s time to lay out the truth about these amazing entities, and Brad will do so in this engaging talk. Accessible to all 8+.

Blue Green outdoor lab tours – with augmented reality

Location: University of Hull – Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 10am to 4pm Saturday10am to 4pm Sunday

Check out the Blue Green outdoor lab tours – with augmented reality event on Saturday 9th Sept! Immerse yourself in a unique experience filled with nature and technology.

With the integration of augmented reality, you can gain insights into what’s happening on the grounds and within the labs using the 300 sensors dotted around the campus. Engage with interactive displays and learn fascinating facts about the environment. Knowledgeable guides will be there to answer any questions and provide insightful commentary.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply curious about the merging of technology and the outdoors, this event is perfect for you. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to embark on an adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

Tours start at Brynmor Jones Library and last about 45 minutes. Make sure you bring a smartphone to fully experience the augmented reality!

Maths, Cricket and a Billion Dollars

Location: University of Hull – Middleton Hall, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 7pm to 8pm Friday

Join author and mathematician Rob Eastaway for this entertaining talk in which he reveals the surprising connections between maths, cricket and the wider world of sport.

Discover how Hull-born mathematician John Venn used mechanics to bamboozle the 1910 Australian Ashes team, why every football pitch has a cricket pitch hidden at both ends, and how a simple dice game led to a global sports analytics industry that is worth billions of dollars. Whether you’re a cricket nut, a number lover, or just curious about the history of sport, this talk is for you.

Braintastic! That’s Non-Sense!

Location: University of Hull – Middleton Hall, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 10am Sunday

Explore the wonderful world of our senses, and the tricks they play on us. Think you
see with your eyes and taste with your tongue? Ever wondered why you get dizzy
when you spin? How many senses do you even have? Prepare to be amazed and
confounded by sensory and optical illusions in this demo-packed exploration of
your brain, as you discover your senses aren’t quite as simple as they seem…

Braintastic! Hack your Brain

Location: University of Hull – Middleton Hall, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 12pm Sunday

A whirlwind introduction to the brain and nervous system! Packed with memorable
large-scale demos, you’ll create a giant neuron live on stage to explore how nerve
cells communicate. Then, watch as those signals are hijacked to control someone’s
movements (preferably a teacher!)! Along the way you investigate what this tells us
about how we learn, helping students understand their brains better, and learn how
to make the most of them.

Crime Scene Room & Sherlock Holmes workshop

Location: University of Hull – Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX
Tickets: 10am to 3pm Sunday

During this in-person event, you will have the opportunity to put your detective skills to the test. Gather clues, analyze evidence, and work together with fellow participants to crack the case.

Under the guidance of experienced investigators, you will learn the art of deduction and unravel complex puzzles. Sharpen your observation skills, enhance your logical thinking, and immerse yourself in the world of crime-solving.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes or simply love a good mystery, this workshop promises an unforgettable experience. So, grab your magnifying glass and get ready for an afternoon filled with suspense, intrigue, and a dash of thrill!

All events listed here have tickets available at the time of publishing. More events are available on the official Humber Science Festival website here, but be aware many not listed here are sold out at the time of publishing.

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