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8 Incredible Online Experiences You Need to Try



The coronavirus outbreak is changing the world as we know it and not just in terms of socialising, entertainment and work.

There are more and more online events that are popping up, as businesses adapt and people spend more time inside. Every day something new emerges. Stay on the pulse, and get in on the very best online events for adults and children.

Songkick Live Stream Concerts

Songkick allows you to watch your favourite artists and bands live from the comfort of your own home. It hosts a wide range of artists, and its schedule is jam-packed. Songkick helps you to discover new artists, keep track of them, and buy tickets. If you want to support your favourite artists over a distance, then this is the site for you.

MUBI Films

If you’re a film connoisseur with a taste for award-winning, classic, and festival films, then MUBI is for you. MUBI has an incredible catalogue of films to rent in addition to some fascinating articles on film. Everyday MUBI lets you watch a live handpicked film for free. 

Visit Ancient Rome Using VR

You can now explore a 5.5 square mile stretch of Ancient Rome using virtual reality. The new virtual reality experience, Rome Reborn, was painstakingly created by a team of over 50 academics and computer experts over 22 years. The experience allows you to see 7000 buildings and monuments in all their digital splendour. Rome Reborn is the most extensive digital reconstruction of Rome to date. It features a range of experiences including a whirlwind flyover tour of the city and a tour of specific sites including the Roman Forum and the Basilica of Maxentius. A further two site tours, a tour of the Colosseum and the Pantheon, are expected to debut within the next two years. The ‘Flight Over Ancient Rome’ experience lasts approximately 2 hours and stops at more than 35 points of interest including the imperial fora and palace and the Circus Maximus. Rome Reborn is an extraordinary accomplishment and well worth a look using a VR headset or computer.

Live Fitness Classes

There is a range of online fitness classes for adults and children alike. If you have children and want them to have a more interactive live experience, then Joe Wick’s P.E classes are just what you need. He is streaming live P.E classes every weekday and thousands of children and their parents are getting involved. His lessons air on his Youtube channel, The Body Coach, at 9 am. The classes are under the header, P.E With Joe. Joe’s classes are fun, free, and a great way to keep your children active during the lockdown. 

Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from live fitness classes. Adults can also enjoy online fitness classes on MoveGB. The classes are many and cover a wide range of activities including Zumba, Pilates, strength, HIT and interval training. Gaia is another option and has live and recorded yoga, fitness, and meditation classes. The classes can be filtered by style, difficulty, duration and more. If you’re trying to stay fit at home, there is something for everyone.

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Gingrkitchen Cookery Classes

Gingrkitchen offers a children’s cookery class every day at 3 pm on Instagram. The healthy-eating food influencer and caterer teaches children how to make fun and easy treats, including pizza, chocolate bark and healthy snacks. If you want a little help in the kitchen and are struggling to keep your children occupied, then Gingrkitchen is for you.

Learn With Minecraft

Minecraft now hosts 12 educational worlds which will be free to download until the end of June. The worlds teach children while keeping them entertained. They include tours of the International Space Station and the inside of the human eye. There is a range of lessons including puzzle games to teach children how to code and think like programmers, a tour of historical sites including the White House, and a game about renewable energy sources.

Busuu Kids Language Lessons

Some businesses are working to keep children learning during the outbreak. Busuu is a world-leading language learning platform, with over 100 million users. At the moment, according to UNESCO, over 500 million children are unable to attend school because of the coronavirus. To help keep children learning and ease the pressure on parents who are working from home, Busuu is hosting free live language lessons for children aged 5-14. Children can learn several languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese, from the comfort of their home. The lessons are 30 minutes long, start at 9 am and run to around 5 pm every weekday. All of the classes are recorded so if children miss a lesson, they can catch up on it by visiting the Keep Kids Learning YouTube channel.

Explore the Digital World Today

Put your feet up, relax and expand your horizons from your living room. No matter what you and your children are interested in, whether its film, music, history, or fitness there’s something digital for everyone.

For more online experiences, with a twist, check out our article on strange and scary things to see online.

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