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10 Interactive Pantos You Can Watch Online This Christmas

If you’re a theatre lover, you’re probably sat thinking that there’s no chance of enjoying a traditional Christmas pantomime this year, right? Wrong! Despite the pandemic making everything that much harder, thanks to the hard work of theatre communities and innovative streaming services, you can enjoy online pantomime silliness from the comfort of your couch!

What’s different about an online pantomime?

As theatre’s remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, show makers are not able to stage their pantomimes in theatres this year. Therefore the nature of the show is bound to change. However most online pantos on this list manage to include traditional panto traits you would find on the stage.

The most important difference is that you have to watch from home. As a result, you may think that this will diminish the immersion. However these shows use special technical tricks to make the show more interactive from home. For example, using your webcam so you can interact with the cast, or allowing you to choose where the story goes with interactive controls on the screen.

Where can I watch an online pantomime?

Whilst the stages stay closed this Christmas, pantos are making their way around the web. Many pantos will be available through Video on demand services such as YouTube, but a lot of the online pantos we found are available on Zoom for a more interactive experience.

Top 10 Interactive Pantos You Can Watch Online This Christmas

Dream Catcher Online Panto

Fri 11th December 2020 7:00pm

This first online pantomime is one that can be enjoyed by all audiences but has been specially adjusted for children with extra educational needs and disabilities. Dream Catcher is a Zoom-based virtual show created by Castle Special Needs School and is supported by the Arts Council.

Dream Catcher will follow the life of Rosie, a girl who holds some rather adventurous and extraordinary dreams! As the story unfolds, you will meet a friendly Book Fairy who guides Rosie to follow her dreams and inspires her to find her own inner magic. Rosie and the Book Fairy will soon need your help to defeat the evil Story Thief, who is trying to steal their dreams away!

Santa’s Christmas Countdown Panto

Sun 20th December 2020 – 2:00pm

We all need some Christmas spirit in our lives and this next online pantomime will definitely do the job! Santa’s Christmas Countdown, brought to you by Honalee Media, offers your little ones an interactive and personal panto experience. Animal puppets, dancing elves and a festive sing-along, Honalee Media has worked hard to create a traditional festive panto that you can join live from the comfort of your home.

Jack & The Beanstalk

Available to stream until 10th January 2021

Brought to you by Blue Peter star Peter Duncan, this online take of Jack and the Beanstalk promises you classic panto antics and a festive sing-along! Profits from this performance go towards UK based charity, POHWER. The charity provides advice, support, and advocacy for people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress, and social exclusion.

Cinderella Panto Live

Fri 18th – Thurs 24th December 2020

This next online panto has some famous faces you might recognise! Harry Potter star Chris Radkin, soap talent Jessica Ellis, and Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart will feature in this ground-breaking production of the iconic princess fairy-tale, Cinderella! The show will incorporate a live cast for the audience to interact with, by using the on-screen buttons “Behind you!”, “Cheer”, “Laugh” and “Clap” throughout the show!

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Available to stream online now

From All-In Productions, this version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears will have the whole family singing, dancing, and playing games along with the characters. The show will take you to the Wild West, where Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear live quite happily until everyday bear-life gets rudely interrupted by the mischievous Goldilocks!

Snow White in the Seven Months of Lockdown

Mon 14th – Thurs 31st December 2020

Now this next show might not offer a live performance, but Kings Head Theatre are still providing the interactive panto experience we all know and love, just with a twist! Snow White in the Seven Months of Lockdown is a new panto-film created (safely) during the pandemic. The show presents a humorous and imaginative take on an old-school classic! The online pantomime will feature an interactive story-mode and viewer-choice-moments, leaving you to control this story! 

There are two versions of this interactive panto available, a family friendly version and a cheeky adult version.

Panto Tales Live

Sat 12th December 2020 12:45pm

Storyteller John Kirk is here to get us all in the Christmas mood! Join his series of live Zoom pantomime tales that are suitable for all the family. With a choice of Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Elves and the Shoemaker, or Beauty and the Beast, this online pantomime will keep the little ones perfectly entertained and will hopefully bring some Christmas cheer to your household!

Down Old Memory Lane Interactive Panto

Fri 11th December 2020 – 7:30pm

Down Old Memory Lane is a fun-packed variety show brought to you by Arts Made For All Theatre (AMA). Promising a magical evening of fun and nostalgic entertainment, this online pantomime will feature a traditional sing along of well-known songs, amazing magic and illusions, and belly-laughing comedy from the theatre’s top comedians. 

Covidella Christmas Panto

Mon 14th – Fri 18th December 2020

This next show is a little different! A humorous twist on a classic fairy-tale, Covidella is brought to you by London-based multi-award-winning Drama College, MTA.  Whilst staying true to traditional panto nature, Covidella will have you interacting with characters, shouting at the screen, and involved in a good old sing-along!

Aladdin Interactive Pantomime

Sat 26th December 20207:00pm

Another interactive performance from AMA theatre, they’ve clearly been working hard through lockdown! So join them live on Boxing Day for their take on family favourite, Aladdin. Broadcasting live, AMA are promising audience and character interaction on another level! Thanks to Zoom, not only can you see and hear the actors, they can see and hear you too. Therefore making this online pantomime extra special! 

Looking for more theatre fun? If so, check out this list of 12 Classic Musicals You Can Watch At Home.

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