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About Freedom Festival 2022

Freedom Festival is Hull’s award-winning international arts festival. From epic spectaculars unfolding in the city centre to intimate moments where audiences and artists meet, we present thought-provoking, playful, and powerful performances in public spaces that address the world we live in.

We bring thousands of people together through our annual festival and year-round artistic and creative programme of performances, installations, and community participation to excite, inspire, challenge, and provoke.

Inspired by the reformist legacy of William Wilberforce we build local, national and international alliances to create cultural experiences that have something to say about universal values and the future we want to make together.

By working in partnership with artists, creative organisations, international producers, the private sector, academic partners and voluntary and community groups we deliver year-round creative activity which feeds into the world-class yearly arts festival.

Freedom Festival Arts Trust is the producing house behind the international arts festival and all the work we do.

We aim to harness Hull’s independent spirit and international outlook to become the UK’s leading cultural producing house for nurturing and presenting thought- provoking, playful, and powerful cultural experiences in public spaces.

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Event Dates & Times

Fri 26 Aug 2022
Sat 27 Aug 2022
Sun 28 Aug 2022
Mon 29 Aug 2022
Tue 30 Aug 2022
Wed 31 Aug 2022
Thu 1 Sep 2022
Fri 2 Sep 2022
Sat 3 Sep 2022
Sun 4 Sep 2022
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